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Win 10 Lite
rs1 x64
rev February 2017
Anti Ransomware !
Anti Malware !
Anti Virus !
Stealth Firewall ! (GRC.com shield's up protection = Stealth)
truly the most secure windows ever available for public use !

Super lite + x64 + LTSB + Secured
No bit modification or file tempering has been made to executable files.
I repeat, all files are with their / in original form that came from Microsoft or any other software developer.
As usually ROFuSiON Project never had malware or any other sick mind shit included to harm your PC or data!
And always check the ROFuSiON SHA256 Checksum !
If the SHA256 Checksum matches then it is secure and trusted !
Keep Ransomware and Malware at distance, as this version is configured to RUN ONLY Digitally Signed application (executable's
format and script's).
So no need to worry anymore about getting virus, ransomware or any other 0-day shit invented by sick mind's, from local HDD, DVD,
CD, USB, sdcard, email, internet or whatsoever.
Simple, If the executable's format or script is NOT digitally signed with an valid certificate, then it won't / don't run !
Anyway if you do have a program or tool, CLEAN, but not signed, then you can copy & paste this program / tool of your into
c:\totalcmd\ or c:\program files.
If you are uncertain that the program is CLEAN or DiRTY, then the COMODO Internet Security 10 FREE will take care of that !
COMODO Internet Security 10 FREE (COMODO is the ONLY anti virus, malware tool that can protect your pc from 0-day threat's.
Thanks to COMODO best feature Virtualization, the technique that sandbox and shield's your pc from any threat in real time !
And I really know what I am talking about, as the Virtualization is in today day's the only tool powerfully enough to stop any 0-day
desktop: rainmeter, rocketdock, webshots
games: cheat engine, fraps
graphics: irfan view, photofiltre
ie: google earth pro (free offered by google, password is GEPFREE), internet download manager, netscan, putty, skype,
tcplogview, teamviewer
multimedia: burnaware, mkvtoolnix, mpc-hc, mirillis splash, oceanaudio, winamp, xmediarecode
office: notetab, sumatrapdf, wps office (aka ex KingSoft Office)
system: aida64, autoruns, cacheset, double driver, crc-sha1-sha256 hash calculator, osfmount, pandorarecovery, privacyeraser,
procmonitor, ramdisk, registrybackup, wiseregcleaner
*highly increased internet and computer security
*hundreds of tweaks & settings integrated for overall computer responsiveness, stability, performance, compatibility
*firewall stealth port's (GRC.com stealth port's passed test)
*idm (internet download manager disabled auto update check popup)

Note: since this is an CLEAN malware free project and is very ambitious, as is promoting windows 10 x64 in Lite form, more a like
windows 7, with additional security features, bundles many useful tools, with no patch or crack or any other bit alteration !
I am 100% sure that another project like this one is NOT available for public !

SPECiAL NOTE: I will expect a violent attacks and negative reaction from malware creator's, as this Win 10 Lite Security++ version
is especially made against Ransomware and Virus !


Special Note:
SHA256:  38dad7be70c5306a2bccbd9dda696d0ba8aa021aac14ee7986a284f60bc80809

more info at: